Please confirm the Voltage of your router?

I-On is compatible with 12 Volt routers and fibre boxes
(which are the most common)
but if you have a 24, 9 or 5 Volt system we can offer a solution

How to check:

1.Underneath your router/fibre box on the manufacturers sticker

2. On the back of your router/fibre box near the plug

3. On the product box or documentation

What connector/s do you have?

Are they LARGE – 5mm wide (left) or SMALL – 3mm wide (right) 

If you are unsure, just take a pic and send it to us on WhatsApp;
082 824 0548

Place an order

Payment will only be requested on final confirmation of order

Orders can be collected from Meadowridge or Bree St Cape Town
Our standard I-On unit costs R1295

You can order by:

WhatsApp: 082 824 0548