Keep Your Internet and WiFi ON during load shedding


I-On is a small desktop Uninterruptible Power Supply unit 
It will keep your router and fibre box on and your wifi working during load shedding or a power outage
I-On costs just R997 and will pay for itself over and over again in convenience alone.
Completely plug and play
Order NOW to make load shedding more manageable

What is an I-On?

Load shedding sucks!

I-On eases some of the pain by keeping your internet on during load shedding.

I-On is a small  (20cm x 20cm x 7cm) Uninterruptible Power Supply unit that forms a permanent bridge between your electrical supply and your Internet units (router and fibre boxes). It will ensure that they always have power even when your electrical supply goes down during load shedding or any other kind of power outage.

The unit contains a small battery and a smart power management system.

Once plugged in it requires no further intervention and moves seamlessly between power off and power on modes. So while your lights might go off your wifi will stay on.