Keep Your Internet and WiFi ON during load shedding

I-On is a mini UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), designed to power your router and fibre box during load shedding.
I-On is a simple, affordable and compact solution that costs just R1495

What is I-On?

Load shedding sucks!
I-On eases some of the pain by keeping your internet on during load shedding.

I-On is a compact (20cm x 20cm x 7cm) and affordable UPS solution designed to keep you online during load shedding. It is permanently plugged into the wall socket and your devices, during load shedding the box will automatically switch from Eskom power to battery power, providing you with an uninterrupted internet connection.

When the power switches back on the device will automatically switch from battery mode to wall power mode – charging your I-On and powering your router/wi-fi and fibre box.